New & Current Employers

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New & Current Employers

We do appreciate your interest in the student talent at Texas Southern University. As one of the nation’s largest and comprehensive historically black universities, Texas Southern University is renowned for its commitment to excellence and achievement. Our focus is to continue this legacy as we work in concert with employers and students to satisfy the hiring needs of both. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you as you seek exceptional candidates to meet your organizational needs.

One of the best ways to reach current and former students is through posting opportunities online in our jobs database (Handshake).

Please click here to register/sign in to our job portal (

If you have any questions regarding recruiting services, please contact a member of the Career Services team at (713) 313-7541. We can also be reached by email at We look forward to working with you and appreciate your support of Texas Southern University!

How to Register as an Employer on Handshake

1. Go to

2. Choose Account: Select which type of account you’d like to create: “Employer”

3. Input Information: Once you select “Employer”, input the requested information. Your email address and password will serve as your log-in credentials for the system.

(Note: You will be asked to pick your company from a list or create a new company. Be sure to use your official company email account. Any company whose email domain matches yours will be suggested. For example, if your email is “”, all companies using “” will be suggested.)

4. Activate Your Account: The system will ask if you are a Third Party Recruiter. Select either “Yes, I am” or No, I am not” and continue. You will receive a confirmation email in order to activate your account. Follow the numbered time-line on the bottom of the browser to continue the registration process.

  • If you are a third party recruiter, meaning that you are going to be posting jobs on behalf of another company, with the intent of finding candidates for that company to hire, then you must click the Yes, I am button and then read and agree to comply with Handshake’s third party recruiting policies (by checking the agree to comply box).
  • If you are not a third party recruiter (meaning you work for the employer you’re creating the account for), click the No, I am not button and click Finish.

5. Email Confirmation: You will be taken to a confirmation page, and you will shortly receive a confirmation email (to the email address provided) with a link enabling you to confirm your account. You must click this link before you can proceed with the registration process.

6. You will be sent to this page when you click on the link in your email. If your company is displayed on this page you will click Join next to your company name. You can also click Create Company from this page if you do not see your company listed.

7. Create Company Profile: If you are creating a company profile, it will ask for a few details including name, website and company e-mail address. Once this information is filled out, you can choose the “Create Company Profile” box. Create a Company profile and choose “Create New Employer.”

8. Post Jobs & Register for Events: After successfully creating your account, or linking your email address within an existing company, you will now have the option to post job, request on-campus interviews and register for upcoming events.


9. Email Confirmation: Once your account has been approved, you will receive an email confirming your connection to the university.

10. Navigate Options: Use the left-hand toolbar to navigate the options at the University, such as Events, Interviews, Fairs and Job Postings.

Did you know that the “Office of Student Services” is located on the second floor of the Recreation Center? Visit Us Today!

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