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Stories & Testimonials

Ms. Gill's Story

I am living this moment by the Grace of God”. The statement was made by one of the most supportive members of the Aging and Intergenerational Resources program, Christine Cartwright. Ms. Cartwright was born May 20, 1913, in Huffsmith, Texas, the third child of Charlie and Vicey Cartwright.

Ms. Cartwright’s family moved to Houston in 1928, in order to have more opportunities for the family. She attended Gregory Elementary School. During the time Ms. Cartwright attended Gregory Elementary School, all grade levels were in one class, thereby allowing Ms. Cartwright to learn upper level course material. In 1932, she graduated from Booker T. Washington High School and went straight to work. She worked for a few years as a cook, until World War II in 1941 when soldiers were needed. The Army gave Ms. Cartwright an opportunity to receive a free education if she enlisted in the army. She enlisted and learned how to drive a MD38 (supply truck). In 1945, she went to Madam CJ Walker Beauty College to become a license Cosmetologist. September 1946 she started college at Houston College for Negroes (now Jack Yates High School). The next year Texas Southern University was founded.

The Fairchild building was the first building constructed at Texas Southern University. Ms. Cartwright remembers all the University’s activities (school, lunch, gym, etc…) which occurred in one building, the Fairchild Building. She graduated from TSU in 1949 with a major in Business Administration and a minor in English. She was in the first graduating class of Texas Southern University. On November 18, 1951, Ms. Cartwright married Wellington Gill in Houston, Texas. While in Austin, she briefly attended Huston- Tillotson College pursuing a master’s degree in education. She decided that teaching was her passion and taught at Highland Heights Elementary (Houston Independent School District) for 27 years. Ms Gill was a dedicated volunteer at the Michael E.

DeBakey VA Medical Center and was a dedicated member of her church and community. In January 2008, at the age of 94, Ms. Gill passed away quietly in her home.

Submitted by:
Amber Long, TSU Student
Brian Moses, ExxonMobil Community Summer Intern

Quansha Parker's Testimony

The Center on the Family at Texas Southern University has been a number one supporter and child care facilitator for my son for about four years. At the time I needed care, I was a single parent and still in school trying to obtain my degree and required immediate child care. While faced with the trials and tribulations and demanding requirements of my degree, I wasn’t fortunate enough to have the support of family and friends; the Center on the Family served as the shelter in my time of storm. As a first time mother, it was difficult for me to adapt to a child care facility. I wasn’t ready to just drop my son off into the hands of strangers. The staff at the Center on the Family were influential in ensuring my child’s safety and my sanity. The Center on the Family was there to teach me lessons on life and on raising my child. I never thought I could get so much out of a facility.

I am extremely proud of my decision in choosing them and because I chose them, I was able to live, learn and achieve what most people would say is impossible. I am so grateful and as a result I was able to give of my time and volunteer countless hours to help out when needed. On top of that, I was able to obtain my degree in Education from the greatest institution, Texas Southern University and my son is thriving and is headed to the first grade. So here’s to us, thanks for being a family, a teacher and believer in me.

With love and gratitude,
Quansha’ Parker & Symari Parker- Lewis

Avalon Campbell's Testimony

My name is Avalon Campbell, I graduated from Texas Southern in the fall of 2014 with a bachelor degree in Maritime Transportation. While my time at Texas Southern was great! I want to point out a few things. I have full custody of my now 7 years old daughter Avianah Campbell, who is my world, and my motivation to get through my undergraduate and graduate studies.

We all know how demanding and challenging it is for a full-time college student. Especially when you are a single parent.

But the reason I was always able to give my best was because of the PCLL, The first day I meet Wendy Cornelius she assured me Avianah would get the best education a development tools for my 2 year old daughter at the time.

While her time there she develop her social skills she learned how to develop the basic and beyond the basic studies Ms. Wendy’s staff is amazing PCLL really has the best interest of the children.

A lot of programs are just there to watch the kids, the PCLL is developing future leaders because they teach accountability and they take took the valued time out to make sure Avianah was actually learning, and growing in the way a young lady should be taught which the right way is.

PCLL learning lab taught me as a Man how to really care for a little girl beyond the class room which helps me today as I continue to raise her to the best of my abilities!

I can’t thank the PCLL, Ms. Wendy and her wonderful staff enough for the things they taught me as to how to be a real man and a backbone for my daughter Avianah Campbell.

Avalon Campbell
Logistics Coordinator
Houston Branch

Asia Davis' Testimony

Graduating high school, I had several scholarships but being a teen parent, I had to make decisions that were best for my daughter. I chose Texas Southern University because it was the only college that had a day care on campus and that’s exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t know that I would stumble upon more than just a daycare, I found a family. The Parent Child Learning Lab was more than just a child care facility for me and my daughter. From the staff all the way to the janitor, we were welcome and genuinely loved. The PCLL gave me the opportunity to not only go to class but security, knowing that my daughter was being well looked after. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else. I don’t think I could’ve done it without the PCLL.
PCLL Child Care Rates
Weekly – $125.00
PCLL Reserves the right to change rates, with notice

Hours of Operation
7:30AM – 5:30PM (Fall & Spring)
7:30AM – 5:00PM (Summer Camp)

For More Information, Contact:
Wendy Cornelius, Director

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