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5-Step Process for Accessing Accommodations Services

Step 1: Be a Tiger!
All students requesting accommodation services must be an officially enrolled TSU student.

Step 2: Submit an Application
Students requesting services must complete and submit an official application including verifiable documentation of a professional that is disability specific. There are different guidelines for each disability type. Please refer to Documentation Guidelines.

Step 3: Applicant Review Process
The student’s completed application will be evaluated to identify reasonable academic Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations to address reported academic needs. This process may take four-to-six weeks after receipt of the student’s completed file. Incomplete applications may delay the process.

Step 4: Accommodation Plan Meeting
An accommodation plan is developed and reviewed by the student and the Disability Coordinator to ensure all needs are addressed. If further supportive services are needed, the SASO will make the appropriate referrals (i.e., Department of Assistive Rehabilitative Services (DARS), etc.).

Step 5: Generate Accommodation Letters
Accommodation letters are generated for indicated courses and given to the registered SASO student to deliver to his/her professor to discuss and establish a clear understanding of how the accommodations will be provided. The SASO request that one signed letter per course is returned to the office for filing purposes.

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Sharron Benavides
Sharron Benavides, M.Ed.
Disability Coordinator