Tryout Information

Coaching Staff:
The Spirit Program Staff were selected by Texas Southern University to provide leadership, oversight, and guidance to the Texas Southern University Spirit Program.

An athletic trainer will be available for consultation and treatment of injuries.

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T S U Cheerleaders Group Picture

Tryout Dates/Times:
May 5th (12PM – 4PM)
May 6th (12PM – 4PM)

Tryout Location:
Texas Southern University Recreation Center

Women’s Tryout Attire (Day 1):
Maroon Sport Bra
Grey Sports Shorts
Hair Half up and Half Down with white hair bow (Natural Hair Color)

Women’s Tryout Attire (Day 2):
Black Sports Bra
Black Athletic Shorts
Hair Half up and Half Down with white hair bow (Natural Hair Color)

Men’s Tryout Attire (Day 1):
Maroon Shirt
Grey Athletic Shorts
Neat Grooming

Men’s Tryout Attire (Day 2):
Black Shirt
Black Athletic Shorts
Neat Grooming

Tryout Requirements:
School Song
Fight Song
Perfect Cheer
Tumbling: Running Passes x 2 – Standing Passes x 2 Jump Sequences: 4 Jump whipped Combo x 2
8 Counts Sequence
Fitness Test

Admission Letter – Incoming Students
2.5 GPA or higher – Returning Students
Full Body Photo
Head Shot Photo
Tryout Application
2 Letters of Recommendation

Mascot Tryout Requirements (Tryout in Suit):
2:00 Minute Skit
Crowd Involvement
Sign Usage
Themed Performance


Waiver Form


Ms. Iisha Voltz
Cheer Advisor
Phone: 713-313-6896

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