External Events

Picture of a graduating class at a commencement ceremony

Some University facilities and/or identifiable spaces are available to the members of the general public for the purpose of hosting events and activities.

Please complete the external request process as follows:

  1. Complete the External Request Form (Must submit a least 14 days in advance of your event)
  2. An Event Services Coordinator will be assigned to your event.
    • Coordinator will assist you in identifying the proper venue for your event.
    • Coordinator will confirm room availability and setup
    • Coordinator will inform you of the cost associated with your event.
    • Coordinator will contact Department of Public Safety for security and parking details.
    • Coordinator will work with University’s Facilities and Buildings and Ground to help facilitate your event.
    • Coordinator will contact catering for setup information. (if applicable)
  3. Once confirmation is received a quote is issue.
  4. Fees are due 72hr before your event begins.
  5. Conclusion