Trio Talent Search

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TRIO Talent Search

Talent Search is a federally funded program designed to assist individuals in preparing for college and obtaining admissions to a college of their choice. The program provides counseling, financial aid information, and other information essential to post-secondary enrollment.

Talent Search participants receive:

  • Support in completing high school (study skills, test-taking and financial aid workshops)
  • College and Career Information
  • College Entrance Examination Procedures
  • Assistance in applying for admission to college or other post-secondary institutions
  • Assistance and information in applying for scholarships and other federal and state financial aid

Post-secondary visits are coordinated for several universities and/or colleges each year. The visits include activities such as campus tours, brochures on admissions and financial aid from each school visited, student life and academic programs.

Middle Schools Served

Forest Brook Middle School
Francis Scott Key Middle School

High Schools Served

Stephen F. Austin High School
Kashmere High School
James Madison High School
North Forest High School
Ross Shaw Sterling High School
Booker T. Washington High School
Phyllis Wheatley High School

Talent Search Staff

Candace Richard, Office Administrator
(713) 313-7486

Keisha Smoke
Keisha Smoke, Counselor
(713) 313-7274

  • Austin High School
  • Madison High School
  • Sterling High School

Ronica Carmouche
Ronica Carmouche, Counselor
(713) 313-7277

  • Forest Brook Middle School
  • Key Middle School
  • Washington High School

Krystal Archie
Krystal Archie, Academic Advisor
(713) 313-1068

  • Kashmere High School
  • North Forest High School
  • Wheatley High School


Did you know that the “Office of Student Services” is located on the second floor of the Recreation Center? Visit Us Today!
TRiO Reception
713 313-1062

Virginia Day
Virginia Day
Program Director
713 313-7485

Contact Us
TRiO Talent Search
Texas Southern university
3100 Cleburne St.

Bell Building, Room 128
Houston TX 77004

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