Learn How to Help and Refer

The University Counseling Center offers a free online resource, at-risk Kognito, to help you:

  • Notice when friends are showing signs of stress and learn how to talk about it.
  • Practice bringing up your concerns for your friend.
  • Learn how to motivate your friend to seek help.

If you have a friend you are concerned about, participate in this FREE online training simulation to learn effective referral techniques to help and refer. To take the course, follow the instructions below:

Mental Health Resources and Useful Links

Neuropsychiatric Center (NPC)
1502 Taub Loop
Houston, Texas 77030

The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
3630 W. Dallas, Houston, TX 77019
TDD: 713-970-7766

Other Links:


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Student Health Center

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713-313-7000 (TSU Police)