Target Schools

 Two T S U Students walking together with books in hand

Target Schools

  • Kashmere High School
  • Phillis Wheatley High School
  • Ross Shaw Sterling Aviation High School
  • James Madison High School


  • Students who are interested in running for an office should submit a letter of intent five days prior to the start of elections. One day will be allocated for campaigning.
  • Students seeking the office of President should possess the following qualifications:
    • Completion of the eleventh (11) grade
    • Participation in the Upward Bound for no less than one (1) program cycle.
    • Grade Point average of 2.50 or above.
    • Should be in good “program standing”.
  • The remaining student government offices are open to all students.
  • All elected officers are required to attend leadership-training workshops. The workshops will cover the following:
    • How to conduct a meeting
    • How to reorganize a committee
    • Leadership styles
    • What it means to be an officer in the Upward Bound Program.

Texas Southern University
Upward Bound Program
Thornton M. Fairchild Building, Suite #147,
3100 Cleburne Street,
Houston, TX 77004.
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Mrs. Ashley-Lemon
Director of Programs
(713) 313-7543

Mr. Martinez
UB Math and Science Project Coordinator
(713) 313-7998

Mr. Cavazos
Academic Advisor
(713) 313-4207

Mr. Joseph
Academic Advisor
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Ms. Kimonesha Thomas
Administrative Assistant
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