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Disability and Counseling Services

Texas Southern University is committed to ensuring that equal access is available to its educational programs, activities, and facilities for students with disabilities.

Health Services

Texas Southern University is committed to providing quality health care, health promotion and health education programs.

University Counseling Center

Texas Southern University’s Counseling Center recognizes that while the college experience can be exciting, it can also be stressful. Demands on time and deadlines for term papers and exams are all a part of being a college student, and that is just the academic side. There may also be issues in your life pertaining to family, friends, roommates, romantic relationships, and financial situations. For some students, a therapeutic relationship can provide insight and guidance concerning such issues.

Financial Aid Counseling

Financial aid is an option for all students including students receiving VA educational assistance.


Scholarships are an option for all students that meet the qualifications, including students receiving VA educational assistance.

Career Services

Texas Southern University’s Career Services offers comprehensive services that are open to all students and alumni. The mission of TSU Career Services is to contribute to the TSU community of learning by providing exceptional career development services that help students apply their education and experiences toward advancing their career goals over a lifetime.

Student Academic Support Services

Provide resources and programs to help students reach their academic potential through the achievement of their academic goals. Assist the University with its initiatives to continue improve retention, student academic progression, and graduation rates.

Judicial Affairs

Texas Southern University’s Office of Judicial Affairs favors a holistic approach to helping students reach their fullest potential. The Judicial Affairs unit is charged with the responsibility of relaying the importance of having all students abide by the rules and regulations of Texas Southern University.


Kiki Hebert
Kiki Hebert
Phone: 713 313-1984
Fax: 713 313-1184

Carolyn Lane
Ms. Carolyn Lane
Program Coordinator I
Phone: 713 313-7327
Fax: 713 313-1184

Aaron Strauther
Mr. Aaron Strauther
Program Coordinator II
Phone: 713 313-7862
Fax: 713 313-1184

Department of Veteran Affairs
Phone: 1-888-442-4551