Women’s Resource Center

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Our Mission at the WRC

The mission of the TSU Women’s Resource Center is to create a campus setting where women can blossom; and, to create an environment that nurtures all women through the celebration of their diversity, accomplishments and identities. The Texas Southern University Women’s Resource Center is a community of leaders inspiring change through advocacy, education, professionalism and personal development of diverse groups of women.

The Center is dedicated to serve as a catalyst for change augmented by academic achievement, career ambitions, and opportunities for the women at Texas Southern University.

Our Vision

The Women’s Resource Center encompasses a vision of the university which encourages women to thrive, advance, and make their full offerings within an environment dedicated and characterized by equity, liberty, self-respect and distinction for all people.

Her Story: A History of the Women’s Resource Center

By Michara DeLaney
Founder and Director of the Women’s Resource Center
Assistant Dean of Students

The concept of the Women’s Resource Center began in 2011. There were a number of discussions among staff members and the administration about the feasibility and the necessity of having a center on campus. As a result of those discussions, I began to research centers at other universities. Initially, my efforts were concentrated by viewing websites. Subsequently, I contacted the directors of women’s centers at other universities. I visited other campuses including the University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin, Kansas State, Boise State, Texas A&M, Northwestern University, Howard University and San Diego State University. All were very inspiring places that had a commitment to address women’s issues and concerns.

In March, 2012 the Texas Southern University Women’s Resource Center opened. We accomplished our goal without initial funding, but we had a tremendous amount of help from volunteers who worked tirelessly. For their efforts, I am eternally grateful. There is no doubt that women have ever expanding roles, rights and responsibilities. Our goals are to provide a place for personal development, assist in building self-esteem and empowering their growth. In creating this center we kept in mind that positive reinforcement and dialogue will only help us reach the goals that we have set to ensure the success of this center.

Did you know that the “Office of Student Services” is located on the second floor of the Recreation Center? Visit Us Today!
Michara DeLaney
– Founder and Director
– Assistant Dean of Students



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